Gender Equality


The equal opportunity commissioner offers counseling on the following issues:

Gender equality at the university

This includes the counseling of the university board, the senate, the faculties and the applicants for third party regarding equality measures, for example in target agreements, structure plans and research proposals. Consultations on gender equality are also offered to all interested groups and members of Kiel University.

Jobs and careers of women at the university

This issue involves individual and strategic career counseling as well as conflict management at the female employees' workplace at the university. For questions regarding the compatibility of family with work Family Service.

Sexual discrimination, harassment and violence at the university

Sexual discrimination and harrassment of women in the workplace is forbidden AGG §3 (in German). A  regulation (in German) for university employees gives information about further proceedings in case of sexual harassment. Women affected by sexual harassment can get confidential advice, support and company from the equal opportunity commissioner.

There is no legal basis in case of sexual harrasment among students so far but there are suggestions for the upcoming amendement of the higher education act. A study of an EU research project has shown that female students are often concerned with sexual harassment and violence, especially because of their age. You will find the outcomes of the study  here (in German).

General information on the issue of sexual discrimination, harrassment and violence can be found  here.

For further counseling in Kiel click here (in German).