Gender Equality

Women Scientist Network

The Womens Scientist Network was founded in 2001 by Dr. Claudia Röhl with support of Dr. Lesley Drewing, the former equal opportunity commissioner of Kiel University.

In 2013, Prof. Dr. Kathrin Kirsch and PD Dr. Daniela Renger took over the organisation and leadership of the network. Now, the network is managed by Dr. Evgenia Bystrov and PD Dr. Daniela Renger since 2020.

It is aimed at female postdoctoral scientists at Kiel University (not including W2/W3-professors). The mailing list reaches at the moment approximatly 650 female scientists. Every year, there are 3-4 meetings of the network at altering locations, during which the hosting scientist presents herself, her institute and her work to the participants.

The main aim of the Women Scientist Network is exchange of information, inter- and transdisciplinary experiences, networking, co-operation, training in certain fields (e.g. application for the appointment process), discussions regarding "women in sciences" and engagement in university politics (e.g. engagement in committees, elections).

Female scientists, who are interested in the Women Scientist Network are always welcome to get more information from PD Dr. Daniela Renger ( or Dr. Evgenia Bystrov ( and sign up for the mailing list.