Gender Equality


Kiel University's GenderConsulting Service offers advice and support to all planned and running coordinated research projects regarding their efforts to support equal chances of female and male researchers. The GenderConsulting Service started its work in June 2019 and is offered by the Central Office for Gender Equality, Diversity and Family in close cooperation with the Research Department.

Many research funding organisations, especially the DFG, expect the integration of gender equality concepts and the implementation of tailored gender equality measures during the funding period of the coordinated research project. Against this background, the GenderConsulting Service gives support on:


  • gender equality in the overall project concept and in (draft) proposals
  • integration of gender equality issues into the review process


  • needs assessment
  • conceptualisation of specific measures for the coordinated research project
  • possibilities to link project-specific activities with gender equality measures offered university-wide


  • documentation of gender equality activities
  • evaluation of gender equality measures

Further information for DFG-funded coordinated research projects

DFG-funded coordinated research projects get funding to implement the obligatory gender equality concepts. The earmarked funds can be used for activities to:

  • increase the number of female researchers in project management positions
  • support the career advancement of early-career female researchers working in the research network
  • make science and academia more family friendly
  • sensitise the community working in the research network and to increase their gender awareness
  • coordinate gender equality activities


An information overview of the GenderConsultig Service'soffers to DFG-funded coordinated research projects can be found here.

The DFG itself offers detailed information on the support of gender equality in science and academia and about the procedures to apply for funding for gender equality measures within different funding lines, too.

Network GenderConsulting

Kiel University is member of the nationawide Network GenderConsulting. This network enables the exchange of people in charge of GenderConsulting and of the development and implementation of gender equality measures for coordinated research projects at German universities.