Gender Equality

Gender Equality

The central equal opportunity commissioner represents the interests of female members of the university and supports the university board in its task to establish equality between women and men in science and to reduce discrimination against women at the university. The primary goals are to increase the proportion of women in all areas in which women are under-represented (especially in research and teaching), as well as the shift towards a comprehensive gender-equitable, organizational culture.

In the faculties
equal opportunity commissioners and their agents deal with tasks in the area of recruiting and appointment procedures.

The tasks of the equal opportunity commissioner

  • Integration of a gender perspective into the tasks of the university
  • Involvement in structural and development planning
  • Creation of equal opportunity concepts and plans
  • Implementation and evaluation of promotion measures
  • Collaboration in general human resource procedures and appointment procedures
  • Counseling and representation of interests
  • Public Relations
  • Organization of conferences and events
  • Representation in the state and federal state conferences of equal opportunity commissioners at universities

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