Gender Equality

Data and Facts

Proportion of women at Kiel University

The following data show in which areas female researchers at Kiel University are underrepresented in 2016/2017 (situation as of March 2017, sources: SOS-Prüfungsstatistik S 13, Präsidium R13, Hochschulstatistische Grund- und Strukturdaten R 22).

  Men    Women Women %
Students    12.058      13.667 53,1
Graduates      1.503         2.115 58,5
Research Staff (before PhD1)         499            338 40,4
PhD Graduates         218            237 52,1
Research Staff (Post-Docs2)         132              89 40,3
Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification ("Habilitationen")           17                6 26,1
Assistant Professorships3 ("Juniorprofessuren", W1)           11              15 57,7
Professorships3 (C3/C4 and W2/W3)         335     85 20,2

1PhD working contract, 2Postdoc working contract,
3including research institutes affiliated to Kiel University and University Hospital S-H,  Kiel


The proportion of women of the entire research staff of Kiel University (excluding professorships) is about 41,8 % (762 of 1.825 employees). Moreover, the proportion of female research staff was significantly raised by Kiel University within the past few years ( 30% in 2002).
The proportion of women in permanent scientific positions beside professorships in only 34,4 % (73 of 212 employees).

In summary, the following strengths and weaknesses for entire Kiel University on the basis of the data at hand can be identified.


  • High proportion of female graduates
  • High proportion of female PhD graduates
  • Significant raise proportion of women within research staff during last years
  • High proportion of women in assistant professorship positions



  • Decline of female scientists between PhD graduation and postdoctoral lecture qualification
  • Underrepresentation of women in PhD and Post-Doc-positions
  • Strikingly low proportion of women in professorship positions



Proportion of women within the different faculties

To some extent the individual faculties are similar to the university average whereas some of the faculties give a totally different picture. The absolute numbers of female proportion in the diverse research levels at the eight faculties of Kiel University are shown in the following tables (text in German).


Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

Arts and Humanities



Business, Economics and Social Sciences


Kiel University in total