Gender Equality

Women Scientists Network

The Womens Scientists Network was founded in 2001 by Dr. Claudia Röhl with support of Dr. Lesley Drewing, former equal opportunity commissioner of Kiel University.

Back then, the target group consisted of female postdocs and senior scientists of the different faculties. Today the network is adressed to all female scientists who have already received their doctoral degree. About 300 female researchers have been contacted within the network, about 90 of them actively take part in it. There is also an alumni database in the making, that will enable former members to stay in touch with each other beyond the university. The network members meet 3 - 4 times a year. Each time the meeting takes place at another member's work place, where she presents the institute, her work and herself in detail.

Main aspects of the Womens Scientists Network are to exchange informaion, to extend inter- and transdisciplinary experience, to network, cooperate, to offer further education on various issues, to reflect and discuss the topic "women in Sciences", as well as higher education policies (e.g. committee work, women scientists electrical list for the Academic Senate and faculty convent).

Female scientists, who are interested in the network, are welcome to contact Daniela Renger ( and Evgenia Bystrov ( for further information or registration.