Gender Equality

Databases of female scientists

Databases of female scientists offer practical help searching for qualified female researchers. That includes candidates for open positions, reviewers or consultants. The databases enable female researchers and experts to become visible by registrating. If the data and the evaluation forms are available on the internet, search and registration can easily be accomplished at home. Female researchers should take advantage of the possibility to make their competences visible and ensure that appointment committees refer to the databases.

In the following passage you find a wide range of interdisciplinary databases:

How to get in touch with an international experienced nanotechnologist who knows committee work? Where to find a physicist specialised in solar technology and relevant professional experience in industrial research?
At universities and research institutions can look for female professionals for the filling of professorships and for advisors or experts to hold presentations or execute committee functions. FemConsult offers current and meaningful scientific profiles of more than thousend female researchers of all disciplines. Personal registration is possible.

At the portal for excellent female researchers of the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung and Spektrum der Wissenschaft numerous profiles of renowned female researchers are visible. The selection of female researchers is made by renowned partners from science as well as the private sector, whereas personal registration is not possible.

Moreover there are numerous specialised databases and networks. In case of interest do not hesitate to contact us.

The Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS, is a think-tank for the policy area of equal opportunities among women and men in science and research.

There are also more than 12.000 female researchers on the European level who can be found on the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS).

The DFG offers information on the subject of equal opportunties, which you can find here.

Special offers and information for female scientists regarding projects financed by the European Union can be found here.