Gender Equality

Programme for Women Professors



As a result of a positive assessment of the gender equality concept of Kiel University (in German), the university was able to participate in the joint federal government and states'  Programme for Women Professors. The initiative has enabled universities to provide start-up funding for up to three first-appointed female professors for a maximum of five years.

To participate in the second round of the programme from 2013 onwards, a documentation (in German), showing the success and implementation of measures based on the first gender equality concept was obligatory. CAU's concept was succesful again and three full professorships wih a funding period of five years had been submitted and approved.

Currently, Kiel University is taking part in the third round of the programme. All universities, who applied for the third time, had to submit a so-called "Future Gender Equality Concept" in 2018. The successful concept can be found under this link.

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