Gender Equality

Promotional Offers

Equal Opportunities Budget

The board of Kiel University provides a budget to implement various measures to support equal opportunities (e.g. training courses and workshops, travel resources, scholarships). Further information regarding funding is shown in the announcement of the equal opportunity budget .

Postdoc Program

Between PhD and postdoctoral lecture qualification, the female proportion decreases significantly within all faculties. In order to support female scientists in this phase of career planning and research, Kiel University decided on a package of measures. That includes via:mento - a mentoring program for female postdoctural researchers, the 6+4 Program to extend the contract of employment up to 4 years after gaining a succesful postdoctoral lecture qualification or the completion of an assistant professorship.

Support Program for women in teaching positions

Female scientists in teaching positions (esp. so-called HSP-positions), often lack the possibility to keep track with latest developments within their research fields or to conduct their own research projects. Therefore, CAU offers a financial support programme specifically for this target group during the five-year funding period of the Programme for Female Professors III by the German federal and state governments. Further information can be found here (in German).

W1 Program

The assistant professorship (W1) turned out to be an effective and sustainable instrument of women's advancement at Kiel University. As an incentive and support for female assistant professors, funding can be provided from the W1-Program (in German) . The central equal opportunity officer offers specific training and networking activities for this group.If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ruth Kamm.

Gender research prizes

Kiel University aims to support gender studies across all faculties and to make them visible. For this reason, a gender research prize  for an outstanding master and/or a PhD thesis concerning gender research is awarded annualy.


The EmpowerMINT-Awards recognise outstanding and innovative bachelor's and master's theses by female students in STEM subjects. This initiative aims at bringing women in STEM subjects into focus: by means of this award and the accompanying prize money, we want to offer a significant incentive for the continuation of an academic career while granting the promoted female students heightened visibility in the public award ceremony.

You can find the detailed announcement here.

Kiel Universtity has awarded the first Empower_MINT Award for finals thesis of young scientists

Application deadline: 2 May 2022.

Lesley Drewing Program for equal opportunity commissioners at Kiel University

From 1991 until 1997 Dr. Lesley Drewing was the central equal opportunities commissioner of the former College of Education Kiel, thereafter until 2005 the central equal opportunites commissioner of Kiel University. During these times she managed the great challence to establish structures in this critically discussed field. Because of her persistent commitment she layed central foundations for today’s equal opportunity activities at Kiel University. She died unexpactetly during the everyday routine of her second term of office in June 2005. Her sudden death has left a great gap, both personally and structurally.

Lesley Drewing always supported the faculties’ women's representatives (nowadays equal opportunity commissioners) in word and deed. In memory of Lesley Drewing and her achievements the „Program for the professionalization of the faculties' equal opportunity commissioners at Kiel University“ was named after her.

The program aims at the professionalization of equal opportunity activities on the faculty level, to support the equal opportunity commissioners and to strengthen their competences. The offers are open to all equal opportunities commissioners and free of charge. In order to registrate or in case of recommendations and questions please contact the central equal opportunities commissioner directly.

Further Funding

The Graduate Center of Kiel University supplies further information about scholarships and female academic promotion.