Gender Equality

The Federal and the Federal State Conference

The equal opportunity commissioners of the 9 higher education institutions (universities of applied science and universities) in Schleswig-Holstein are part of the Federal State Conference of Equal Opportunity Commissioners  Landeskonferenz (LaKoG). Besides general networking the LaKoF has the following joint tasks:

  • Participation in the higher education planning in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Development of  proposals on equal opportunity policies for the target agreements between the federal state and the higher education institutions
  • Comments on legaslative initiatives and bills
  • Development of concepts to implement Gender Mainstreaming policies
  • Development of special programs, e.g. to increase the proportion of women professors
  • Prepratation of concepts to support the reconciliation of family and career in academia
  • Lobby work in the ministries of the federal state, the political parties and the  state parliament as well as in central institutions of the region
  • Initiatives to raise the proportion of female researchers in STEM disciplines
  • Public Relations
  • Exchange and cooperation with equal opportunitiy commissioners of other German federal states (The Federal Conference of Gender Equality Officers in Higher Education in Germany - BukoF):